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Create cross-platform mobile web apps that look stunning native

The-M-Project is a mobile HTML5 JavaScript framework that helps you build great mobile apps, easy and fast.

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Your mobile web app development framework

check_arrow.png Cross-platform

The-M-Project is a pure HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3 framework that runs in every evergreen browser. We are living the cross-platform approach and running under iOS, Android, Windows, Firefox and Blackberry.

check_arrow.pngHigh device coverage

Nowadays companies often won't commit themselves to a certain device. The-M-Project helps with this issue by simply supporting all of them: smartphones, tablets and even desktops.

check_arrow.pngFully documented!

To help the community raise and to quickly learn how to use The-M-Project you find a documentation, tutorials from basic to advanced and sample apps.

Best breed of technology: The-M-Project is everything developers need to build mobile web apps


Made for Backbone enthusiasts

The-M-Project is build on top of Backbone.js and provides you with a mobile optimized environment. Create views which look like native ones.

The-M-Project: A framework full of opportunities


Native looking Web-Apps

Focus on ideas, not on different browsers, peculiarities and issues. The-M-Project deals with it and gives a good platform to easily build mobile web apps. It is easily customizable – extend the views, the themes or the framework itself.

enterprise mobility

Enterprise ready

Use web apps as easy as native apps. Now with business support, a comprehensive documentation and consulting services we help you to get started building enterprise web apps even faster.

mit common license

Open source

The-M-Project is open source – meaning open standards, no licensing costs, independent, flexible and adaptable. The visibility of the code behind the framework means you can see for yourself and be confident. If you don’t want to be limited by proprietary data formats, the open source HTML5 JavaScript framework The-M-Project is definitely your way to go.

Special thanks to the folks at Webstorm – providing the best JavaScript IDE and HTML editor at your fingertips.

developer community

Community based

The-M-Project is based on a strong Google Groups community. Follow our tutorials, readme and Wiki documentation. Join us on GitHub for the latest updates, track bugs, discuss new features or even send pull requests – you are heavily invited to take part in the development.


Strong collaborators

There is a company behind The-M-Project taking care of its continuance and enhancements. Together with our community we are pulling all of our knowledge together fostering diversity as well as diverse knowledge.

For developers

Start developing your app

Install the files, set up a new project and run the app. Simply be awesome and create beautiful mobile apps!

Join our community today

Join us on GitHub or Google Groups, track bugs, discuss new features or even send pull requests.

Read our documentation

Read the official documentation of The-M-Project. You're invited to actively participate in extending our documentation.

For users

Read our blog

Getting started tutorials, tech talk or current release information. The-M-Blog – from developers for developers.

Get to know us

The-M-Project is created at M-Way Solutions and free to use. There is a company behind The-M-Project taking care of its continuance and enhancements.

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